Hennepin Theatre Trust is throwing open the STAGE DOOR to kick off the New Year. And we invite you to walk on through.

Stage Door: Behind the Scenes will be a real, yes virtually real, door for you to enter and discover an exclusive backstage glimpse at our Broadway engagements, concerts and other productions.

Here we’ll offer insider perspectives, behind the scenes tidbits about shows we present, valuable advance information about upcoming educational initiatives, personal interaction with Broadway cast, keys to resources to enhance your in-theatre experience and profiles of interesting theatre folk. Not to mention occasional ticket giveaways and special opportunities for the alert reader!

What better way for you to find out what makes the Trust tick than by peeling back the curtain. Let’s explore the heart of stage magic together.

2 responses to “The STAGE DOOR is OPEN

  1. I am excited to see a blog coming for Hennepin Theater Trust. The quality of the productions have brought many many great memories in my life. I will eagerly be awaiting updates in the months and years to come. I personally would love to see some Backstage Lion King info as well as Blue Man Group. Thank you for keeping great theater alive in the twin cities!


  2. hi im konica i loved the movie “Disney’s The Lion King’s”.. waiting eagerly for the never-before-seen photos.


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