Don’t Let Phony Tickets Happen to You

I admit it. I’m a Googler. When hunting for information, I have a tendency to type a few words into a search engine and see what pops up. While the Internet offers a plethora of knowledge, some of that is useful but much of it is not. The popularity of Disney’s The Lion King, returning to Hennepin Theatre Trust’s Orpheum Theatre January 11-February 12, again raises the issue of ticket scalping.

As a service to you, the Trust strongly advises to only purchase tickets through authorized agents, which are: and the Ticketmaster Artsline at 1.800.982.2787
The State Theatre Box Office

We do not recommend that you buy or sell tickets through a third party. Why? Tickets bought from secondary sources can be invalid, marked up to astronomical prices, mislabeled regarding seat views or even sold for performances that don’t exist or are cancelled or re-scheduled. If you buy from unauthorized sources, you are not protected from these unexpected occurrences. One patron unknowingly purchased three limited view tickets to Wicked for $459. The actual price of the tickets was $186 due to the obstructed view, which they were not warned about when they purchased at more than twice the face value from a scalper.

If you find that you can’t use your tickets, consider giving them as a gift or donate them to Hennepin Theatre Trust and we’ll use them for our Access Program. You will be supporting this program which helps underserved members of our community experience theatre, plus you’ll also receive a tax deduction for the full price of the tickets.

I encourage you to join the conversation- what is your advice for ensuring you’re visiting and buying from legitimate websites on the Internet?

One response to “Don’t Let Phony Tickets Happen to You

  1. How is it possible for someone to get to a third party vendor from your website? My wife ended up paying almost double when she thought she was going through the Hennepin theater site to get them. I dont see how this can even be legal. The show was not sold out. Please make sure there are no links to these sites on your web pages. Thanks.


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