We can’t all be the quarterback and some of us don’t want to

Access to arts and theatre programs within high schools give today’s kids a unique opportunity to work as a team without being the fastest, tallest or most popular. Youth theatre programs promote individuality, confidence and acceptance without judgment, politics or institutionalized aggression. Not to suggest that high school sports do not provide valuable leadership and life skills, just that there are other equally valuable options.

SpotLight students on stage at the Orpheum Theatre

In addition to providing validation and support to local community high school theatre programs, our SpotLight  Musical Theatre Program reaches out to those talented but sometimes marginalized kids who might otherwise fall through the cracks during a crucial period of development and socialization. Youth theatre programs enhance a sense of value and provide a culture of support and friendship. Young people who are struggling in their lives can discover their innate strengths and talents through participation in a creative, collaborative activity. All of this translates into more compassionate, open-minded and truly diverse leaders of tomorrow. It is essential that we invest in our future, and it starts with philanthropy.

Individual contributions and donations are the single most important source of funding for support of our education and community engagement initiatives. As a non-profit organization, we simply would not exist without the generosity of our patrons and donors. Ticket sales cover only a small fraction of our costs.  We rely on gifts from the community to close the gap and to provide essential funding to bring live theatre and youth programming to our community. The future of our community rests in the future of our youth- let’s give them a voice, we might need it someday! To learn how you can support SpotLight or find out more about other opportunities, please visit the Education and Community Engagement page on our website.

One response to “We can’t all be the quarterback and some of us don’t want to

  1. Well said!! I couldn’t agree more.


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