Acoustic Century: Local songwriters and their stories – debuts next week!

“There’s a lion that sits on my bed / Lord knows he’s never been fed”

Gabriel Douglas, the once heavily-bearded front man of local supergroup The 4onthefloor, bellows this lyric in the band’s recent single “Lionhearted.” Before Douglas had his beard publicly removed this summer, you might have mistaken him for a lion. But if you want to know the true meaning behind his lyrics (and why he shaved his epic beard), you’ll have to come hear it for yourself at Acoustic Century!

We invite you to join us on Thursday, August 2 at 8:00pm, when we debut Acoustic Century, a new series of local acoustic music mixed with artist conversations. Acoustic Century will give local performers a platform to share their music and the stories behind it and give audiences a chance to get a deeper look into the local music scene.

The inaugural event on Thursday will feature Gabriel Douglas of the roots rock quartet The 4onthefloor and Danny O’Brien from the indie band The Farewell Circuit. The duo will share the stories behind their tracks, answer audience questions and perform separately on stage. Topics covered will focus on the aspects of the songwriting process, what it’s like to be a part of the local music scene in the Twin Cities, life on the road and the dichotomy between playing in a group versus having a solo career.

Since opening its doors in September 2011, the New Century Theatre has hosted a variety of plays and theatrical events, but this is the first venture into live music at the new downtown venue. The small, intimate space will provide the perfect setting for acoustic concerts like this and will allow every member of the audience to feel connected with the performers on stage.

So join us on August 2 as we take you behind the music and into the minds of some of Minnesota’s top musicians! Tickets here.

Watch Gabriel Douglas and Danny O’ Brien perform an acoustic version of “Lionhearted” live at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

About Gabriel and Danny:

Gabriel Douglas has performed both as a solo performer and as lead singer and drummer for The 4onthefloor. He has shared the stage with such musical luminaries as Lucinda Williams and Willie Nelson and his group released their debut album, “4×4,” in April 2011. “[Douglas] effortlessly toggles between a whiskey-fueled, gravelly drawl and a stimulating, larynx shredding bellow,” wrote Mark Suppanz from the music magazine The Big Takeover.

Danny O’Brien crafts indie pop tunes both as a solo artist and lead singer, guitarist and pianist for The Farewell Circuit. The group released their debut album, “In Our Bones,” in November 2011. “In an era where pervasive poverty, war, revolution and uncertainty exist, The Farewell Circuit offers optimism and belief in humanity,” says the Dadada Music Blog.

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