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Sister Act’s “Mother Superior” Answers Our Questions


Direct from Broadway, Sister Act, the divine and hilarious Tony-nominated musical smash hit is coming to Minneapolis May 27-June 1. With an original score by multi-Academy, Grammy and Golden Globe Award-winning composer Alan Menken, Sister Act features all the characters from the popular 1992 movie that starred Whoopi Goldberg and Maggie Smith. We were able to ask “Mother Superior,” played by Hollis Resnik in this tour, five questions.

Here’s what she said:

1. Why should people see Sister Act even if they’ve seen the movie?
It is a joyful piece of theatre for the whole family. Where else will you find dancing and singing nuns, great costumes, a great orchestra and a wonderful ensemble of talented people? At the end everyone is on their feet!

2. Who is Mother Superior?
Mother Superior is stoic, and very dedicated to her nuns in the convent. She is a bit closed minded, but has an excellent wry sense of humor. I love playing this character!

3. How do you feel singing on stage?
I love the two songs I sing in the show–a lovely ballad, “Haven’t Got a Prayer” and a great acting song, “Here Within these Walls.” I think Alan Menken’s score is terrific and very indicative of 1978 when the story takes place.

4. Where did you audition for Sister Act?
I was in Chicago at the time doing Angels in America and couldn’t to fly to New York City, so I put myself on tape and booked the job which was unusual. I did the scenes they sent me and sang both songs. It was easy…no pressure as I wasn’t in front of anyone, only my friend holding the camera!

5. What is the most difficult part about touring in a Broadway show?
This show is very large with lots of moving parts…and we travel every week. It is difficult to live out of two suitcases for over a year. You have to stay vigilant to remain healthy.

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